Be rooted in your neighborhood

“Upon returning home this summer [after living abroad], every beautiful thing I saw had your sign on it.” ---

Green Gateways QA: Keep Them Beautiful! Donor

Picture Perfect QA challenged the community to help us raise $8500 for another three years of professional garden upkeep. You responded by contributing more than $9500…once again exceeding our goal!

It is with a sense of gratitude that we say thank you to all our donors who find beauty and enjoyment in the Gateway Gardens. Your generous contributions to the Green Gateways QA: Keep Them Beautiful! campaign assure that Bruce Bond and his crew at Vertumni Fine Landscaping and Gardening will continue to maintain the garden beds so that the Gateway Gardens will keep on welcoming residents and visitors, drawing people together and enriching our community.   

What’s happening in the Gateway Gardens now? Stroll along Queen Anne Avenue and take a look. Spring is "busting out all over."  Lenten roses and daffodils are in full bloom. It seems that something new bursts forth each day. Summer-blooming plants are setting bud. Spring is a most tantalizing season.

In April, additional compost will be spread on the garden beds to prepare them for the warm days ahead when conserving water and keeping roots cool will be an important consideration.

As you enjoy the gardens, we hope you will be as moved by what you see as was the donor quoted above. We always see something more we wish to do: add a plant here, prune there. Your support makes all we do possible. Please take a moment to DONATE today.

Wisteria over Queenann sidewalk  Watering the picture perfect flowers  Dog laying in front of flower bed