Thank you to all who have been good neighbors to the gardens from January 1, 2019 through May 31, 2019. You are at the root of all we do. Your support has brought forth a colorful profusion of blooms to the heart of our neighborhood, keeping the Queen Anne Avenue streetscape welcoming and vibrant.


Neighbors who created the $3,600 matching fund to inspire neighbors to GiveBIG on May 8th

Beth Bunnell Lawson Sarkowsky Family
Emerald Bay Equity Queen Anne Real Estate
Teri Fischer & William Shook Wayne Winder & Amy Eisenfeld
hauteyoga Queen Anne

Neighbors Who Were Inspired to GiveBIG

Susan Allen Kurt & Liz Gruber Siri Okamoto
Virginia Anderson Kristi Hafner Linda Olson
Anonymous (3) Robert Hardwick Joy Ordal
Lucy Bauer Don Harper Bradley Parker
Susan Bell Charlotte Henkle Jeff Parker
Jane Bergerson Gordon Jackins Loryn Paxton
Denny Bird Carol Jackson Theano Petersen
Brumett Properties, LLC Terri Johnston Shannon Praetorius
Sheila Callahan & Ken Clay Laura Jones Julie Prujan
Sue & Stan Carlson Elaine Kilday David Ritter
Louisa Clayton Kathy & Tim King Ann & Bob Stier
Cameron Corley Joan Kinsey Elaine Talbot
Laura Corvi Rita Kotler Suzanne Tripp
Krijn de Jonge Peter & Tara Lawrence Susan Veninga
Jim Douglas Judy Massong Andre Vrignaud
William Fitzharris Steve Merrill Heidi Walther
Maureen Frisch Alexander Michaud Constance Youel
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Don & Pam Miles
Rafael Grijalva John Mensher

GiveBIG Tributes

To Honor

Suzanne Grant
   Don Harper

Carol Jackson
   Suzanne Tripp

Margaret Okamoto
   Elaine Kilday, Happy Birthday!
   Siri Okamoto

PPQA Volunteers
   Carol Jackson

In Memoriam

Baby Bird
   Ann & Bob Stier

Bert E. Brumett
   Robin Brumett, Brumett Properties, LLC

Earl Hazan
   Loryn Paxton

George & Nadine Massong
   Judy Massong

Rose Olson
   Linda Olson

What Donors Said

"You all are doing a fantastic job of stewardship. The gardens have never looked so lush. I’m glad I live in the Queen Anne neighborhood."
Susan Veninga

"Thank you for making our neighborhood so beautiful."
Terri Johnston

"Thanks for all the great work all of you do to make the avenue so beautiful!!!"
Rita Kotler

"I really appreciate all the beauty that Picture Perfect Queen Anne provides for our community. Thank you!"
Linda Olson

"Keep up the great work on the gardens! They are beautiful!"
Joy Ordal

"We admire the community for these beautiful gardens and wish them well."
Loryn Paxton


Annual Donors

Perennial (Monthly) Donors

Lori Kent & Tracy Wald Sheila Callahan
Joline Lear Mary Cole
Margaret & Deems Okamoto Katherine King
Herb & Lucy Pruzan Sam McGowan
Ellen Monrad

In-kind Donors

Bryan Rutberg
Queen Anne Dispatch Elaine Talbot
Queen Anne Starbucks Muriel Van Housen

Gardening Volunteers

Susan Bell Ellen Monrad
Denny Bird Deems Okamoto
Sheila Callahan Margaret Okamoto
Cameron Corley Loryn Paxton
Laura Corvi William Shook
Dick Driscoll Erik Smith
Teri Fischer Bob Van Meter
Carol Jackson Joe Virzi
Doug Jackson Maya Virzi
Ranny Kang Gayle Walters
Kathy King Wayne Winder
Judy Massong