Our Current Project: The Safeway Project

The projects that Picture Perfect Queen Anne undertakes reflect the recommendations of the community for our neighborhood’s commercial core along Queen Anne Avenue from Galer to McGraw. From gardens to benches to lighting fixtures to public spaces, all are detailed in the Queen Anne AvenueStreetscape Master Plan that the community created in 2006.

When developers submit new projects for our commercial core to the City’s building department, they are given a copy of the Streetscape Master Plan. As stewards of this plan, Picture Perfect Queen Anne will meet with developers and LURC (the Queen Anne Community Council’s Land Use Review Committee) from the earliest design stages to represent and support the Streetscape Plan’s recommendations.

Safeway is planning to demolish their current store in September, 2018. They propose to replace it with a 50,000 square foot store (double the current store’s size) at street level, three floors of apartments above and parking underground. The development’s footprint will fully occupy the block bounded by Queen Anne Avenue N, 1st Avenue N, Boston St and Crockett St…with the exception of the buildings that house Storyville, Museum Quality Frame, Apollo Nails and Spa, Bounty Kitchen, 13 Boston Hair Design and Bostonian Barber Shop. These buildings are under separate ownership and will remain.

LURC and PPQA have met with the architectural group and a Safeway representative to discuss building design, public open space, and how the project engages with public activity on the sidewalk.  With the Farmer’s Market and sidewalk activity in mind, the amount of public open space has increased since the initial concept drawings. The latest plans now call for 1200 square feet of public open space on the corner of Queen Anne Ave and Crockett St.  The sheltered bus stop will be integrated into the building’s fa├žade. Street furnishings and amenities will be those recommended in the Streetscape Master Plan. PPQA will continue to advocate for additional landscaping on the QA Ave side.

The zoning on this block is NC-40 (Neighborhood Commercial-40 feet in height). The Safeway project is considering asking for departures.

There will be opportunities for public input both through LURC meetings and the City’s Design Review process. Below are links to give you further information about Design Review as well as the Safeway project in particular.

Design Review Meeting Notice:

Basic Information about Design Reviews:

Upper Queen Anne Neighborhood Design Guidelines:

Check our Home page frequently for updated information about the Safeway project as well as details about dates and times of public meetings.

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Queen Anne Avenue Streetscape Master Plan

Prepared by Zimmer-Gunsul-Frasca in May 2008.