Tuesday, May 31, 2022



You certainly GaveBIG on May 3rd and 4th!! Your generosity raised $17,711.00 for the gardens at Galer, Boston, and McGraw. The gardens are so fortunate to have neighbors who lavish TLC on them and are dedicated to keeping the heart of our hilltop neighborhood environmentally resilient, vibrant, and welcoming for all. 


A heartfelt thank you to the volunteers who came out for the spring garden work party on April 23rd...

...and to everyone from uphill and downhill on Queen Anne who worked hard to pull weeds and remove debris from the Galer Stairs, remove weeds from the tree wells on Boston alongside the laundromat, and pick up litter along Queen Anne Avenue from Galer to McGraw as part of One Seattle Day of Service on May 21st.

You are deeply rooted in our community!

Denny, Ellen, Judy, Kathy, Laura, Margaret