Wednesday, August 26, 2020


The gardens are doing beautifully well. We hope you are, too. 

We are extremely fortunate to have two dedicated women caring for the gardens this summer. Marianna maintains the beds, pruning plants, deadheading flowers, removing litter. Kailey waters the gardens, making as many trips as necessary to make sure the plants have as much water as they need during the hot, dry days. Both Marianna and Kailey are devoted to the gardens and insist on giving them as much TLC as they possibly can. As Kailey remarked, "This is still my favorite site. I literally water all over Seattle and there is nothing that comes close to your gardens in Queen Anne."

It's not just the gardens that have been doing well. Snails have been faring quite well this year, too. In fact, they were seen in April having a field day, especially on the yucca fronds. Indeed, life for these mollusks with their elegantly patterned shells is good.