Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Early Design Guidance Public Meeting
6:30pm, Wednesday, November 8, 2017
Queen Anne Community Center, Rm 1
1901 1st Avenue W

We Encourage You To Attend

The architectural group for the Safeway development project will present their three alternative designs to the Queen Anne Design Review Board. This is one of the early steps the City requires developers of commercial and multifamily residential projects to take in their process of arriving at the final design plans they will submit to SDCI (Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections, aka “the building department”) for approval of their building permit.

The purpose of EDG is to give the SDCI planner assigned to this project, the volunteer QA Design Review Board, and all of us QA residents the opportunity to learn about, see, and comment on the project’s design in its early phase.

There will be additional public meetings as the design progresses, both with LURC (the QA Community Council’s Land Use Review Committee) and with the City’s Design Review Board.

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The PPQA Board