Sunday, June 18, 2017

A BIG Thank You for Digging Deep and givingBIG:

Emerald Bay Equity, Highway 99 Blues Club, Queen Anne Real Estate, Brad & Becky Parker, Jeff & Sharon Parker, Brian Regan, and PPQA Board Members Sheila Callahan, Laura Day, Kathy King, Ellen Monrad, Margaret Okamoto and Wayne Winder.

They created a match fund of $3000 to double the first $3000 donated to PPQA during giveBIG on May 10th.

And an equally BIG Thank You to all of you who rose to the challenge:

Anonymous (2)                                                               
Virginia Anderson                                                           
Charles & Nancy Bagley                             
Denny Bird                                                                            
Heidi Beck in honor of Olive                                                    
Jan Bergerson                                            
Louisa Clayton                                                                                
Diana Gale & Jerry Hillis                                                         
Virginia Hand                                              
Robert Hardwick                                        
Don Harper & Suzanne Grant                    
Michael & Julia Herschensohn                   
Steven & Sandy Hill                                    
Gordon Jackins                                           
Carol Jackson in honor of neighbors keeping our community looking its vibrant best              Kathy Jenkins                                              
Terri Johnston
Krijn & Judy de Jonge
Rita & Robert Kotler
Liam Lavery in honor of Yazmin Mehdi
Don & Pam Miles
Joy Ordal
Meg Owen
Loryn Paxton
Herb & Lucy Pruzan
Eric Schlegel
Jenny Scroggs
Erik Smith
Rene Stern
Elaine Talbot
Adam Teepe
Cathryn Virzi
Unmesh Wankhede

Together you raised $6312 for the gardens at Galer, Boston, and McGraw!!! Thanks to you PPQA has the funds to cover the estimated $6200 cost for watering the gardens from May through September.

As you can see, your donations are already being put to use to pay for the weekly visits of the Seattle Conservation Corps that began in May. There is no ready access to water and hoses at the garden locations. The Corps, with their water truck, has both the know-how and the means to make sure the gardens are well watered this summer.

Thank you for providing this crucial garden care.