Monday, June 27, 2016



The yuccas are going wild at Galer, Boston and McGraw. Do you think this could have anything to do with the perfect spring weather we've had and the care they've been given by the Vertumni crew?!? Not to mention the nutrients they've gotten from a new blanket of compost donated by Cedar Grove?

For the second year, Cedar Grove has donated ten cubic yards of compost for the gardens. Their main criterion for their donation is community involvement and support. So we remain in awe of all our donors who have shown time and again how much they care about the gardens and how important they think the gardens are to the well-being and beauty of our main street. You made this donation possible.

I just read that yuccas don’t always bloom every year. Ours seem to like putting on yearly shows. Go see them while the flowers are at their prime.

The inscribed pavers are in place in the Boston Garden. We hope you’ll agree that they add a distinctive presence while giving people a solid place to step when entering or exiting a vehicle parked adjacent to the garden bed. We invite you to walk the path and read what your neighbors have to say.

PPQA volunteer, Tim King, is pruning back the healthy wisteria vine at Galer. We promised SDOT we would keep the enthusiastic vine from once again growing up the utility line, so we cut it back three times a year.

PPQA is about more than the gardens. We also work to keep our main street safe for pedestrians. You may have noticed that the crosswalk striping was pretty much gone at all three crossing areas of the Queen Anne Ave N & Galer intersection.  We were especially concerned as these crosswalks are heavily used by the children who attend St Anne’s. SDOT had this on their list and they have restriped the crosswalks!