Tuesday, January 26, 2016



Yucca & flowering yellow yarrow at McGraw in December

Can you believe we’re talking garden blooms in January?!? Actually, this photo goes back to December. Kathy King took it because she couldn’t believe she was seeing yarrow blooming in a garden bed in winter. Set in front of the bright, variegated yucca, this makes for a most attractive late spring sight…in winter, of all things.

This is supposed to be the season when growth slows while plants prepare for spring blooms. Our weather seems to be sending mixed messages and many plants are having difficulty deciphering whether it’s winter or spring. You just might want to take a look around in the various garden beds along Queen Anne Ave at Galer, Boston, and McGraw and see what unusual happenings you can spot. We hear tell daffodils, those harbingers of spring, are already poking up. And it’s still January! Wonder what Punxsutawney Phil will see on February 2nd.

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