At the Bottom of the Galer Steps

At the Bottom of the Galer Steps


35 to Help the Queen Anne Gardens Thrive

On March 1, 2015, we launched our second campaign for $10,000.
On Sep. 3, 2015, we have met our goal! 100%!

Campaign Donors 
Laurie Ames
Virginia Anderson
Charles & Nancy Bagley
Lewis S Bergen
Big Howe Improvement Project Steering Committee
Stephen & Josephine Bobbitt
Toni Boyd
Hugh Brannon
Gwen Brown
Sheila Callahan
Julie Carkin
Susan Carlson
Mary Cole
Kathy Cox
Rosemary Daszkiewicz
Judith de Jonge
Elnore & Bruce Densmore
Sian Evans
Margaret Ferris
Teri Fischer
Barcy Fisher
Maureen Frisch
Diana Gale & Jerry Hillis
George Gilbert
Michelle Goncalves
Anne Grismore
Stephen Growdon
Robert Hardwick
Michael Herschensohn
Henry Iske
Carol Jackson
Kathleen & Joseph Jenkins
Terri Johnston
Lori Kent & Tracy Wald
Kathy & Tim King
Koichi & Fukoko Kobayashi
Rita Kotler
Pamela & Erik Larsen
Liam Lavery
Joline Lear
Amber Maurina
Sam McGowan                               
Ellen Monrad  
Sandra Nanney
Deems & Margaret Okamoto                               
Olympia Pizza
Gloria & Daniel Overgaard
Meg Owen
Brad & Becky Parker
Julie Pearl
Carrie Peterson
Gerald Peterson & Marilyn Kean
Lucy & Herb Pruzan
Queen Anne Frame and Avenue Arts
Kathy Roeder
Mark Russo
Bryan & Sharon Rutberg
Kathleen Stallings
Elaine Talbot
Adam Teepe
Sean Testa  
Muriel Van Housen
Gayle & Jack Walters
Unmesh Wankhede
Wayne Winder & Amy Eisenfeld                               

The Queen Anne Avenue Garden Challenge of 2014

Several generous supporters came together to offer a matching challenge: For the month of December, making a contribution was matched dollar for dollar.

The Challengers: 
Emerald Bay Equity 
Key Bank 
Metropolitan Market-Uptown  
Kathy & Tim King 
Jeff & Sharon Parker.

Accepting The Challenge:
Anonymous (4)
Nancy & Charles Bagley
Heidi Beck
Jane Bergerson
Susan Carlson
Daryl Clark
Louisa Clayton
Colymbus Foundation
John & Jodi Coney
George Counts
Debbie Ferguson
Diana Gale & Jerry Hillis
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Kendall Guthrie
Don Harper & Suzanne Grant
Sandra Hill
Henry J Iske
Liam Lavery & Yasmin Mehdi
Tara & Peter Lawrence
Judy Massong--in memory of Nadine Massong
John & Gail Mensher
Don & Pam Miles
The Nolan Shafer Family
Siri Okamoto
Brad & Becky Parker
Herb & Lucy Pruzan
Buddy & Cheryl Ratner
Eric Schlegel
Lynne & Paul Shira
Jan Slawson
Rene Stern
Unmesh Wankhede
Kim Wesselman

Thank you all for embracing the Garden Challenge. Your enthusiastic support enabled us to meet our first $10,000 goal!!


More 2014 Donations
We are grateful to:
  • Steven Hensel, Kathy King, and Shannon Tierney, our established Perennial Donors, whose donations provided funds we could count on each month
  • Judy Massong for funding the redo of the Boston Garden
  • Allan Rosenthal for donating 200 King Alfred narcissus bulbs
  • Rick & Julia Friar, Pizza Hut, Queen Anne Laundry Room, Olympia Pizza and Spaghetti House and the Rosenthal Family for generously donating water for the gardens during the summer months
  • Wayne Winder for developing the new Web Site
  • Louisa Clayton for photographing the gardens
  • Queen Anne Dispatch for donating a mail box

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