35 to Help the Queen Anne Gardens Thrive

On March 1, 2015, we launched our second campaign for $10,000.
On Sep. 3, 2015, we have met our goal! 100%!

Campaign Donors 
Laurie Ames
Virginia Anderson
Charles & Nancy Bagley
Lewis S Bergen
Big Howe Improvement Project Steering Committee
Stephen & Josephine Bobbitt
Toni Boyd
Hugh Brannon
Gwen Brown
Sheila Callahan
Julie Carkin
Susan Carlson
Mary Cole
Kathy Cox
Rosemary Daszkiewicz
Judith de Jonge
Elnore & Bruce Densmore
Sian Evans
Margaret Ferris
Teri Fischer
Barcy Fisher
Maureen Frisch
Diana Gale & Jerry Hillis
George Gilbert
Michelle Goncalves
Anne Grismore
Stephen Growdon
Robert Hardwick
Michael Herschensohn
Henry Iske
Carol Jackson
Kathleen & Joseph Jenkins
Terri Johnston
Lori Kent & Tracy Wald
Kathy & Tim King
Koichi & Fukoko Kobayashi
Rita Kotler
Pamela & Erik Larsen
Liam Lavery
Joline Lear
Amber Maurina
Sam McGowan                               
Ellen Monrad  
Sandra Nanney
Deems & Margaret Okamoto                               
Olympia Pizza
Gloria & Daniel Overgaard
Meg Owen
Brad & Becky Parker
Julie Pearl
Carrie Peterson
Gerald Peterson & Marilyn Kean
Lucy & Herb Pruzan
Queen Anne Frame and Avenue Arts
Kathy Roeder
Mark Russo
Bryan & Sharon Rutberg
Kathleen Stallings
Elaine Talbot
Adam Teepe
Sean Testa  
Muriel Van Housen
Gayle & Jack Walters
Unmesh Wankhede
Wayne Winder & Amy Eisenfeld                               

The Queen Anne Avenue Garden Challenge of 2014

Several generous supporters came together to offer a matching challenge: For the month of December, making a contribution was matched dollar for dollar.

The Challengers: 
Emerald Bay Equity 
Key Bank 
Metropolitan Market-Uptown  
Kathy & Tim King 
Jeff & Sharon Parker.

Accepting The Challenge:
Anonymous (4)
Nancy & Charles Bagley
Heidi Beck
Jane Bergerson
Susan Carlson
Daryl Clark
Louisa Clayton
Colymbus Foundation
John & Jodi Coney
George Counts
Debbie Ferguson
Diana Gale & Jerry Hillis
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Kendall Guthrie
Don Harper & Suzanne Grant
Sandra Hill
Henry J Iske
Liam Lavery & Yasmin Mehdi
Tara & Peter Lawrence
Judy Massong--in memory of Nadine Massong
John & Gail Mensher
Don & Pam Miles
The Nolan Shafer Family
Siri Okamoto
Brad & Becky Parker
Herb & Lucy Pruzan
Buddy & Cheryl Ratner
Eric Schlegel
Lynne & Paul Shira
Jan Slawson
Rene Stern
Unmesh Wankhede
Kim Wesselman

Thank you all for embracing the Garden Challenge. Your enthusiastic support enabled us to meet our first $10,000 goal!!


More 2014 Donations
We are grateful to:
  • Steven Hensel, Kathy King, and Shannon Tierney, our established Perennial Donors, whose donations provided funds we could count on each month
  • Judy Massong for funding the redo of the Boston Garden
  • Allan Rosenthal for donating 200 King Alfred narcissus bulbs
  • Rick & Julia Friar, Pizza Hut, Queen Anne Laundry Room, Olympia Pizza and Spaghetti House and the Rosenthal Family for generously donating water for the gardens during the summer months
  • Wayne Winder for developing the new Web Site
  • Louisa Clayton for photographing the gardens
  • Queen Anne Dispatch for donating a mail box

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