Thank you for digging deep and givingBIG on May 9, 2018. Your generosity will provide as much water as necessary to keep the gardens thriving during the hot summer weather.

Our giveBIG 2018 Supporters

Anonymous (4)
Justin Allegro
Virginia Anderson
Heidi Beck
Jane Bergerson
Beth Bunnell
Louisa Clayton
David & Linda Cornfield
Laura Corvi
Keri Cusick
Krijn & Judy de Jonge
Debi Ferguson
Teri A. Fischer & William Shook
William Fitzharris
Diana Gale & Jerry Hillis

Ellen Gillette
Don Harper & Suzanne Grant
Charlotte Henkle
Carol Jackson
Jill Jackson
Kathy & Joe Jenkins
Marty, Leslie, and Sydney Kaplan
Jewel Rita Kotler
Judy Massong
John & Gail Mensher
Milford Merrill
Alex Michaud
Don & Pam Miles
Margaret O'Berry
Joy Ordal

Meg Owen
Brad & Becky Parker
Jeff & Sharon Parker
Loryn & Charles Paxton
Theano Peterson, 1952
Shannon Praetorius, Windermere
Brian Regan, Equinox Properties
Eric Smith
Jim Smith
Ann Stier
The Suthers
Elaine Talbot
Laurel Thacker
Susan Veninga
Constance & Richard Youel

In Memorium
Olive Heidi Beck
George and Nadine Massong Judy Massong
Virginia Ryning Joy Ordal

In Appreciation of Gardening Volunteers Who Nurture Beautiful Gardens:
Justin Allegro
Don Harper & Suzanne Grant
Carol Jackson
Jewel Rita Kotler
Joy Ordal
Loryn Paxton

In-Kind Contributors

Queen Anne Mail & Dispatch
Rene Stern

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